With Luxe Crush, Fashion and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand

Fashion and sustainability don’t always go hand in hand — but we believe they should. We founded Luxe Crush on rentals and resale because luxury, sustainable handbags are difficult to find, despite the fact that they’re better for the environment. 

Every time you rent or purchase pre-owned instead of brand new, you help mitigate waste and pollution, which reduces your environmental impact. Did you know fashion generates 4% of the world's waste each year? That’s 92 million tons. But when you select a designer bag, you’re picking something that’s made to last, which is more sustainable long-term, especially if you lend it out for others to enjoy while you’re not using it.

3 tips for selecting the perfect sustainable handbag

1. Play the long game

Sustainable purses are one of the best fashion investments you can make. If you pick one that’s practical and well-crafted with longevity in mind, you can enjoy it for years to come. Because sustainable handbags are made with beautiful, durable materials — think coated canvas, genuine leather, gold tone hardware — they’re built to last.

There’s a reason Prada’s been around for more than 100 years. This Small Saffiano Leather Galleria Bag is a reminder why.

Bonus: If your closet is already packed with designer sustainable handbags, try lending them here! You’ll still own your bag, but you’ll make some money and help out everyone who’s looking to maximize fashion and sustainability.

2. Don’t pick a one-trick pony

When it comes to fashion and sustainability, one big mistake people make is falling hard for a trend. Sure, the Judith Leiber Hot Dog Bag is flatout fabulous. But a $6K purse that won’t even hold your phone *may* not be the best choice for everyone.

When you’re investing in sustainable handbags, look for the ones with versatility built in.

The more roles your sustainable purses can play, the more you’ll get out of them.

3. Rent trendy, buy timeless

All that said, we are not without our trendsetter tendencies! Some days you just need to rock some studded, camouflage, capital-F FASHION, and we are here for that.

Valentino Mini Rockstud Camouflage Crossbody Bag

That’s exactly why Luxe Crush gives you the option to rent or buy sustainable purses (and jewelry, watches, accessories and more).

Rent the trends

When you’re looking for top trends or hot new colors, rent a bright orange Chanel Small Executive Cerf Tote. Or take a Louis Vuitton Gold-tone Alma GM Miroir for a spin.

If you fall in love, buy it! If the moment comes and passes, return it and go again. Whatever your personal preference, the Luxe Crush process is no muss, no fuss, all fab.

Take home timeless

The second part of pairing fashion and sustainability is to buy a few timeless pieces. Look for styles and colors that fit your wardrobe but are classic enough that they’re unlikely to spark future “What was I thinking?!” moments. 

A few sustainable handbags that we can recommend as the cornerstone of any collection are:

Chanel Caviar Quilted Boy Wallet on Chain

Most importantly, whatever Luxe Crush bag you choose, feel good about it! The most sustainable thing you can do is rent or purchase a bag that already exists. So what are you waiting for?!