What Your Handbag Color Says About You

We all have a favorite color that we like to wear. But did you know that the color of your handbag can convey a lot about your personality and emotions? Even though you may not be entirely aware of the symbolic meanings associated with different colors, on a subconscious level, there is a reason that you are drawn to particular colors. Did you know that the way you carry your handbag can also reveal a lot about your personality? For more on that, read Glamour’s article here.

For now, we are going to explore more about what your handbag color says about you.


It’s one of the most classic colors for a handbag. This color is popular as it conveys a sense of confidence about the wearer. Women who are sophisticated and elegant will carry a black handbag. Often black handbags are worn in professional settings or on formal occasions. But don’t let that intimidate you because black handbags can also be great for every day.

GG Marmont mini matelassé shoulder bag

Lambskin Flat Chain Handle Tote

Leather Boston Bag


It’s another neutral color for a handbag but it’s quite different than black. Brown is an earthy and natural color; therefore, this color handbag is worn by women who are down to earth, loyal, and honest. The woman who carries a brown handbag values the simple things in life and appreciates those that are most important such as family and friends.

Lambskin Leather Shoulder Bag

Monogram Tivoli PM

Pochette Belt Bag


This is a strong, powerful, and energetic color. This color handbag is chosen by an equally strong woman that is comfortable being the center of attention. This color also represents love and passion. The woman that carries a red handbag is in touch with her sensuality and embraces what life has to offer.

GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag

Vernis Alma BB Rose Indien

Red Clemence Evelyne III GM


This is a color that represents loyalty, peace, confidence, and success. The woman that wears a blue handbag is not only confident in herself but also makes people around her feel comfortable.

Blue Clemence Evelyne III TGM

Evil Eye Minaudiere


Saffiano Tote


This color has historically been associated with royalty; however, it also has links to spirituality and mystery. The woman that chooses a purple handbag is very self-aware and feels connected to a greater sense of purpose. She is also creative, charming, insightful and has a love of the arts.

Goyardine Saint Louis PM