What Handbags Would Your Favorite Gilmore Girl Characters Be Wearing Two Decades After The Show Launched?

Photo: Warner Bros./Everett Collection

Do you have a TV show that you binge watch over and over? Gilmore Girls is that show for me.  I’ve seen all 7 seasons in its entirety at least 10 times and it never gets old. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since the cult classic first debuted in 2000 and has been cited in Time magazine as one of the 100 greatest television shows of all time. The show focuses on strong female characters which each had their own distinct style. So, if you are a Gilmore Girls fan you might wonder what handbags your favorite characters would be wearing today.


Photo: Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution

The independent 30-something single mom who loved accessories and coffee. Lorelai was always on the go so it was important to have an easily accessible bag to carry all her essentials.  Back then she was into Marc Jacobs but today I see her wearing a Louis Vuitton bag along with her tall boots and skinny scarf.


The daughter who is best friends with her mom. She is sweet and introverted with a love for books and journalism.  In the early days Rory rarely left the house without her yellow backpack but during season 5 her wealthy boyfriend Logan gives her a pink ostrich Birkin bag.  She has no idea what a Birkin is let alone the significance of owning one is! Today she knows what Hermes is and likes to wear an understated luxury bag that she can carry a book or two in.


The matriarch of the Gilmore family.  She is a true socialite with impossible expectations and always impeccably dressed. She has since ditched her St. John knit suits but has never tired of her Chanel tweed jackets.  Today Emily still carries nothing other than a classic Chanel bag!


Rory’s high school arch nemesis turned friend and later roommate at Yale. Paris is the true type A personality. She’s extremely competitive and an over achiever.  Paris is all business, and her handbag choices reflect that.


Lorelai’s best friend and chef at the inn they run. Sookie is zany, upbeat and loves to have fun.  She is definitely wearing a brightly colored or novelty bag.


Rory’s best friend who lives a secret life from her strict religious mother.  Music is her life, and she dreams of becoming a rock star.  Even though Lane is a mother of twins she still rocks that inner edgy vibe.

So, there you have it.  Each Gilmore Girl characters handbag style has undergone an evolution while maintaining true to their own unique style. The key to looking fabulous isn’t following every fashion trend…. it’s finding your true style and embracing it!