Spring Fashion 2021: 10 of the Best Handbags to Rent or Buy

There’s no better way to get those good spring vibes flowing than by finding the best handbags for 2021 from the comfort of your couch.

Whether you’re looking to super size your spring fashion or stay way out in front of the handbag trends for spring 2021, Luxe Crush has you covered.

10 of the best handbags for 2021

Best Handbags: SUPER SIZE

We’ve all been there: You’re done *up* head to toe, ready to rock the latest spring fashion only to get held up running out the door because your bag isn’t big enough to hold all your goodies.

The solution: Super Size it! These two colossal carryalls are the perfect spring designer bags for those days you’re feeling extra extra.


When it comes to nailing the best handbag trends for spring 2021, the duffel is a classic choice. And to find out where the duffel comes from, we’re going to take a little trip — all the way to Belgium, baby!

Duffel is actually a town where the cloth that was used to make duffel bags came from, starting way back in the 1600s. Today’s duffel bags, of course, are no longer made of that scratchy, coarse woollen cloth (and thank goodness for that!), but they do still have the sleek, cylindrical top-entry style we love. Both the Speedy and the Croisiere below are iconic duffel-based shapes that stand the test of time.

Best Handbags: WORK IT, GIRL

One of our favorite handbag trends for spring 2021 is the Work Bag. What exactly is a Work Bag? Glad you asked! At Luxe Crush, we think of a Work Bag as any designer handbag that’s as beautiful as it is functional and fashionable. And this just in: You do not have to be going to work to werk a Work Bag, mmkay?

Take that big-executive energy out for a spin, and have fun with it! Nothing says spring fashion 2021 like showing everyone that you are, undoubtedly, The Boss, in everything from your bag game to your boardroom.

Best Handbags:  NEUTRAL PARTY

So here’s the deal: While it’s super fun to go out on a trendy limb to find the best handbags for 2021, it’s not always the best long-term plan. A girl’s gotta have some neutrals, after all! It’s one reason we always say “rent trendy, buy timeless.”

The great news: You can do both right here at Luxe Crush! Rent some bold and bright showstoppers, and then hang onto some pitch-perfect neutrals like the Prada and Gucci below.

Best Handbags: CRYSTAL CLEAR

While we can’t predict what’s going to happen this year, we can predict one of the big handbag trends for spring 2021: crystals!

Small and sparkly is the name of the game when it comes to turning heads and turning frowns upside down. Who needs a crystal ball when you have a crystal bag, baby?

Ready to take the handbag trends for spring 2021 out for a spin?

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