3 At-Home Valentine’s Day Ideas to Make Valentine’s Day 2021 Fun & Memorable

In a year where stay-at-home orders are the new norm, Valentine's Day 2021 is going to feel different. But guess what: It doesn’t have to feel any less fun!

Here are 3 ideas for a Valentine’s Day at home that feels anything but boring.

1. Kid around

Most years, Valentine’s Day is all about you and your significant other. But if there’s anything 2020 taught us, it’s that all our relationships are precious. Think of Valentine’s Day 2021 as your opportunity to open up the day of love to the whole family!

A few of our favorite kid-friendly at-home Valentine’s Day ideas:

  • Kick it old school with handmade valentines. Let kids create and decorate their own valentines and deliver them as a family.
  • Bake tasty treats. Give your child a few age-appropriate recipes to choose from and let them pick which one you’ll make together.
  • Spread the love with Sweetheart rocks. Our favorite COVID Valentine’s Day idea yet: Get kids outside with a Sweetheart-rock scavenger hunt.

Sweetheart rocks are a take on kindness rocks. For the uninitiated, here’s the gist: People (often kids) find rocks, paint them with fun, cute or inspiring messages and leave them for others to discover. It’s a great, socially distant way to spread love without spreading anything else. 😉

To make it specific to Valentine’s Day 2021, encourage kids to find heart-shaped rocks (hence the Sweetheart in the name!), decorate and date them. Once you’re done, leave them for strangers to find, or hide them outside the houses of friends and family. It’s a guaranteed COVID Valentine’s Day victory.

2. Spread the love by shopping local

Sustainability is important to us at Luxe Crush, and shopping local is a great way to support your city while reducing your environmental impact. Many local businesses will be putting together COVID Valentine’s Day kits, deals or specials.

Look out for:

  • Takeout specials
  • Virtual cooking classes or meal kits to make at home
  • Bundles from your favorite bath and body store
  • Spa selections from your local salon
  • Baked goods and sweet treats (for those of us who are less cooking-inclined 🥴)

3. Buy (or borrow!) a little luxury

Who says Valentine’s Day at home has to be boring?! One of the great things about living in the delivered-to-your-doorstep age is that we can make nearly anything come to us — including a little bit of luxury!

Whether you’re having an intimate dinner party or a family-friendly feast, Valentines’ Day 2021 is a great excuse to dress up a little bit, even at home. With Luxe Crush, you can try on any fabulous persona you like — no commitment or big investment necessary!

Check out these Vday-friendly finds:

  • Mask chains. We know — a year ago, if you’d said “mask chains” would be the go-to accessory for Valentine’s Day 2021, people would’ve called you crazy. This year, they’re all the rage, and we’ve got ‘em in gold, Lapis Lazuli and mother of pearl.
  • Jewels. White gold is white-hot this year, and we’ve got it in varieties including Bvlgari and Chopard.
  • Bags. Here at Luxe Crush, we’re *all about them bags,* so you know we’ve got some seasonally appropriate finds in every shade of red, pink or purple.

A few faves that are ready to rent:

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