With Luxe Crush, Fashion and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand

Fashion and sustainability don’t always go hand in hand — but we believe they should. We founded Luxe Crush on rentals and resale because luxury, sustainable handbags are difficult to find, despite the fact that they’re better for the environment.  Every time you rent or purchase pre-owned instead of brand new, you help mitigate waste and pollution, which reduces your...

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The Winter 2020 Handbag Trends You Need (Plus 15 Bags to Rent Right Now)

Here at Luxe Crush, it is truly the most wonderful time of the year for one big, beautiful reason: BAGS! Honestly, we started scouting winter 2020 handbag trends back in the summer, and we are not one bit sorry. Whether you’re looking for offbeat shapes, oversized totes or fiery finds, the smartest way to lock down trending handbags for winter...

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Update Your Look with Luxe Crush: Luxury Consignment for Designer Bags & More

A Message from Co-founders Shirley Chen and Cynthia Hudson Where do you go for luxury consignment? Before founding Luxe Crush, we asked ourselves that same question — and we didn’t have a good answer. Sure, there are online consignment stores. But when we started looking for luxury consignment we’d trust to rent designer bags or goods of our own, none...

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