Who doesn’t love a deal?  It’s all about the thrill of the hunt!  I’m not sure about you…but I LOVE searching for treasures at my local Target or Home Goods.  When it comes to luxury, there are also some amazing deals to be had there.  In my opinion, the only thing better than investing in a designer bag, is buying one at a discount!   The caveat is that most luxury brands like Chanel do not historically mark down their products.  However, you can always buy preowned.  Not only is that the obvious solution, but it’s also the sustainable solution!

At Luxe Crush, we offer the latest and greatest designer bags at a fraction of the price.  You can invest with a purchase on our site.  Check out the “Best Designer Handbags Worth the Investment” from Who What Wear.  Or you have the option to rent bags and frequently change out your look.  Remember Luxe Crush offers flexible rentals…4 days to 4 weeks.  If you fall in love with a bag, you can apply 50% of the rental fee as credit towards that purchase.  I know that there is a very real fear about being scammed with a fake bag.  However, rest assured that we authenticate handbag purchases on our site using state of the art AI technology with a 99.1% accuracy rate.  If you aren’t convinced yet, just check out these amazing deals going on right now…

MARC JACOBS Vintage Clutch

BALENCIAGA Medium Classic City Satchel


PRADA Medium Saffiano Galleria Bag

BOTTEGA Lambskin Leather Shoulder Bag

HERMES Clemence Evelyne III GM